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a two month guided journey INWARD to reset your mind, body, and nervous system. two month's of learning how to trust yourself and life again, how to unlock your intuition, & come home to yourself in order propel forward into your dreamiest, most aligned future

When you join this 2 month container & take part in this journey, you will:

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how does your body feel right now? relaxed? tense? calm? anxious? how does your life feel right now? what is the quality of your breath like in this moment? and how's your relationship to self? do you feel like you just can't break your bad habits, you can't get out of your head, you can't commit to the changes you've been trying to make or you do for maybe a week and then fall backwards? if this is you, regulating your nervous system will be the key that unlocks your potential. calms your body and mind. raises your vibration. shifts your perspective. helps you sleep better. reduces inflammation and "random" symptoms you're dealing with. brings your creative spark back. boosts your confidence. and allows you to live your life on your own terms. when we are living with a dysregulated nervous system - we can't think clearly, we deal with all sorts of symptoms, especially digestive issues, we don't feel confident, we are hypervigilant, anxious, stressed and the list goes on. there isn't a single part of our lives this isn't touched by a dysregulated nervous system. coming back into regulation allows you to be able to handle stress with confidence and calm. 

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If there is one thing that you will absolutely learn from microdosing it is that you are not your mind. you are not the voice in your head. And with that realization comes a resurgence of your truest self. A sense of self built on a new foundation. One that supports your growth instead of hinders it. You will learn to become resilient. To turn your setbacks into comebacks. To not be led by your mind, but instead your heart. your soul. your truth.

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living in your light looks like standing in your truth, owning your power, unapologetically loving yourself, honoring your boundaries, becoming one with your shadow, appreciating your trials & tribulations with an understanding that they are promoting your soul growth & evolution, and living a heart-centered, soul-led life. we have been told for too long who to be, what to wear, how to talk, what is cool/what is embarrassing...but news flash! there are one million ways to be "correct." We are done living in boxes. Subjecting ourselves to trends and norms for the sake of fitting into the box. Because living in your light also looks like embracing who you are. loving your flaws and shortcomings. burning bright even when others don't understand you. even when others try to dim your light.



Looking for like-minded people to connect with? This collective is a great way to find your people. feeling disconnected, lonely, isolated, separate takes a massive toll on our mind, body, and soul. So, this is no just a place to transform yourself but also one to build your community. to find your tribe. to find the people that just "get you." the people that make you feel alive. light you up. and make you feel like you belong. and here's the thing: those people are looking for you, too. when you join the Living In Your Light community, you have the opportunity to build friendships that will last a lifetime




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So often we hear "this is how you "become" your highest self," but believe it or not you don't have to become her/him, you just have to unveil her/him. this version of you already lives within you, they are just buried underneath woundings, trauma, insecurities, and negative self-talk. and the belief that you are not good enough, worthy enough, fill in the blank enough, now. How we unveil that version is through taking consistent daily action in the direction of our truest and deepest desires. Monitoring our thoughts so that negative ones can no longer slip through to our subconscious. Rewriting our beliefs about ourself. And allowing the medicine to reveal to you these woundings, insecurities, traumas, patterns so that you may heal, release, and transmute them. Because once you do so, you become you. the highest, most aligned version of yourself.

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Let me guess? You have been feeling anything but abundant. Maybe the word even invokes you to feel some type of way. It seems so far out of reach. But, guess what? It's not as far out of reach as you think. And when I say abundance, I don't just mean money. I mean abundant in joy, health, travel, friendships, everything. It is a natural side effect of raising your vibration. And when you agree to microdose, you agree to work with a heart-opening plant medicine on a day to day basis. When the heart opens, our life opens, expands, and propels forward in ways we could have never imagined. Plus, you'll be in a kick ass community that's also helping to keep your vibe flying high!

If any of these sound familiar, you are in the right place...

You feel stressed, anxious, blocked, unhappy with your current circumstances

Hey! I get it. like I GET IT. This was me, too. I felt like every step I took forward, I took 8 steps back. I felt so clouded like I couldn't tell up from down. what I wanted. I felt hopeless. purposeless. like I didn't even have a creative bone in my body. Not even one to help me visualize the future I wanted. I was stuck in a chronic fight or flight response and a dysregulated nervous system. Waking up everyday anxious, stressed, blocked, and unhappy in my current circumstances. Its a vicious cycle. The more stressed, anxious, blocked we are the more the Universe mirrors that back to us. And if this is you, too - Living In Your Light will help you navigate through this and break the cycle once and for all. Plant medicine is a powerful tool to give you that kickstart you need. To make you see, think, feel, create, and be different. Microdosing allows you to create new neural pathways and by consistently taking it, you are constantly reopening these pathways and strengthening the synapses. Meaning you are quite literally getting out of your own way. Releasing thought patterns that no longer serving you and replacing them with one's that will serve you.

You feel drawn to mushrooms/microdosing but don't know how to start

You may have been hearing about how much plant medicine has been helping people and you decided you want to start, but

you feel unsure about where to begin. Look no further! Living In Your Light is here for you. I do not claim to be a plant medicine or microdosing Guru. But I do know a thing or two about getting started. I do know how its helped me and millions of other people find themselves again. When you join the Living In Your Light program and community, you will be gifted The Shroom Journal: A Guide to Microdosing E-Book/Workbook. This has everything you need to know about microdosing. How to do it, risks/benefits, who it's for/who it's not for, integration tips, intention setting tools, and so much more. We use this to guide us through our journey and also so you always have a reference point to turn to whenever you feel like you need more information, reminders, etc.

You are unclear about microdosing and don't see how it can help

There is a lot of information out there that is based on fear and judgment. The War on Drugs did a really good job at lumping ALL "drugs" together and labeling them as ALL bad. But, here's the thing: Psilocybin is not a drug. It's Plant Medicine. Soul Medicine. I am not saying that all drugs are good, I am simply stating that there are certain outliers in this equation. Psilocybin is a powerful Teacher because the experience is a dialogue between you and the plant medicine. For it reveals to you what needs healing in your life. What thoughts, beliefs, habits need shedding and guidance towards the ones that need to come in order to help you grow, expand, and evolve. Microdosing in and of itself can be powerful even when you chose to do it on your own, but doing it in a group setting holds you accountable to keep up with the schedule, to self-assess on the days you microdose, to use the journal prompts, to dig deep into yourself, but also be able to come into a group who is on this journey with you. seeing you. supporting you. and cheering you on! Like I said, it helps you build new neural pathways, but what neural pathways are you allowing to be built? This is where we can help each other!

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Hosted by Nicolette Marie

Hi, I'm Nicolette! The closest to me call me Nikki and if you don't know me I am a certified reiki practitioner - attuned in level 1 & 2, breathwork facilitator, certified holistic health coach, RN, BSN, mushroom enthusiast, cosmic seeker, and spiritual advisor. And most importantly I am happy to have you here with me!

Why Should You Join?

When You Join You Will Get Access To

Access to all my guides/workshops

You will receive access to all of my guides and workshops on: chakra's, intuition, microdosing, shadow work, intention setting, EFT tapping, etc. And depending on your individual needs/desires/goals I will create new guides and workshops for you to read, work through, and complete. 

A safe container + 24/7 access to me

Once you purchase the program you will be entered into an exclusive telegram channel where you will have 24/7 access to me at any level of support you need. You will be held with non-conditional love and safety so that you can enter into a full level of surrender.

10 Reiki + Breathwork Sessions

We will have a call every single week, which will include a reiki + breathwork session. The type of breathwork we focus on is a restorative practice that increases parasympathetic activity at our autonomic baseline, releases/unwinds trauma from our nervous system, facilitates deeper connection to your body, opens your mind to new perspectives, assist in creating new neural pathways, and in essence, creates an opportunity to rewire stubborn patterns and beliefs systems. 

Welcome Call

We will have an initial welcome call before we get started. This call will allow you to ask questions, share your concerns if you have any, we will talk through your overarching goals for the program and I will also be speaking on what you can expect over the 2 month's, talk through logistics, share some inspiring and encouraging words and kick off our journey!!

One guided 45 minute Breathwork Practice on your own once a week

You will be responsible for doing one 45 minute guided breathwork practice on your own per week. This is the same breathwork pattern we will use in our sessions. You will be provided access to a guided 45 minute recording with post-session integration journal prompts.

Discount Code for Mushrooms

The discount is for Schedule 35. You must be 21+ years old in the US and 19+ in CAN to purchase. The code provided will allow you to save 10% off your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the refund policy? This is a commitment to yourself and with that being said, there are no refunds. By purchasing and choosing to be apart of this program/group, you are choosing to support yourself. commit to yourself. and honor the commitment you made to yourself. I cannot guarantee any sort of outcome because you get out of this experience what you put into it.

Who is this not for? This is not for anyone with major medical or psychological disorders (including major depression). It is also not for anyone who has a family history of major psychological disorders. It is not for anyone on any kind of prescription or pharmaceutical medication for any type of psychological disorder. It is also not for you if you are not 21+ in the US or 19+ in CAN.

I have tried microdosing before without noticeable results, what makes this program different? The Living In Your Light program highlights the fact that the microdosing/mushrooms in and of themselves are not a magic bullet. That you simultanesouly have to do some inner work while you take the plant medicine. The benefit of the inner work piece is that we will be doing it together. You will also have two 1:1 check-in's and reiki healing sessions with me where you can share your questions, concerns, feelings and we can remove blocks from your energy. This program also includes The Shroom Journal: A Guide to Microdosing E-book/Workbook that has everything you need to know about microdosing and also journal prompts, self-assessment sheets, integration tips and more that we will use to guide you on your journey, but also help you to get the benefits you are looking for. This is also a community-based program meaning you will be held accountable to the commitments you make towards yourself and be supported by like-minded souls the whole way through it.

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