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2020 Gift Guide

So with the stress of 2020 and basically the world ending, I figured we didn't need anything else to add to our hair loss. I created this gift guide, so you can pick out gifts for your loved ones without the frustration. In this guide I added small, big, and everything in-between gift ideas depending on your budget! I, personally, am trying to shop small businesses this year and added three guides with all my favorite tried & true brands/creators. I literally have so many gift ideas/brands I love so it may not end here...I already sense a 2020 Gift Guide Part 2 coming, but for now I hope you find these helpful! I know I would be truthfully thrilled with any of these gift ideas! So, with that -- Happy Holidays! May 2021 be the year we grow our hair back!

1. Vitamix

2. Milk Frother

3. Nespresso Vertuo + Intenso Pods

4. Hot Water Kettle

5. Food Processor

6. Waffle Maker

7. French Press

1. Smeg Toaster

2. Berkey Water Filter

3. Donut Pan

4. Almond Cow

5. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

6. Go Wise Air Fryer

7. Ice Cream Maker

8. Lettuce Grow

1. Hair Towel

2. Ice Roller

3. Bathtub Tray

4. Makeup Brush Cleaner

5. Untethered Soul

6. Meditation Pillow

7. Dry Brush

8. Essential Oil Diffuser + doTERRA Peppermint Oil

1. Workout Booty Bands

2. Ankle Weights

3. Foam Roller

4. Exercise Ball

5. Yoga Mat

6. Air Pods

1. Jojo's Chocolate - Code: Nikki10

2. Hello NED Sleep CBD

3. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix

4. Hu Kitchen Chocolate - Code: Nikki15

5. Jot Coffee - Code: Nicolettemarie15

6. Metal Straw Kit

7. Stojo Collapsible Cup

8. Berkey Water Bottle

9. Wild Friends Seasonal Peanut Butter

1. Roothie Scrunchies

2. MADEBY Cookies

3. The River

4. Nowhere Bakery

5. Handpicked Lemons

6. Dancing for Donuts Tie Dye Set

7. Granola Butter

8. Wildway Granola

1. Mora Ceramics

2. Cocokind

3. Humboldt House

4. Sandbox Ceramics

5. Aurem Collective

6. 12th Tribe

7. Lark Skin Co.

1. Manuka Chai Face Mask

2. Boob Ring from Humboldt House + Dome Ring from Mejuri + MantraBand Ring (code: nikki15)

3. Abstract Cutting Board

4. Hemlock Planter

5. Latte Cup + Cappuccino Cup + Espresso Cup

6. Mate The Label Fleece Relaxed Sweatpants

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