2020 Gift Guide

So with the stress of 2020 and basically the world ending, I figured we didn't need anything else to add to our hair loss. I created this gift guide, so you can pick out gifts for your loved ones without the frustration. In this guide I added small, big, and everything in-between gift ideas depending on your budget! I, personally, am trying to shop small businesses this year and added three guides with all my favorite tried & true brands/creators. I literally have so many gift ideas/brands I love so it may not end here...I already sense a 2020 Gift Guide Part 2 coming, but for now I hope you find these helpful! I know I would be truthfully thrilled with any of these gift ideas! So, with that -- Happy Holidays! May 2021 be the year we grow our hair back!

1. Vitamix

2. Milk Frother

3. Nespresso Vertuo + Intenso Pods

4. Hot Water Kettle

5. Food Processor

6. Waffle Maker

7. French Press