6 Delicious Low FODMAP Smoothie Recipes!

I find over and over again that people think low FODMAP has to be boring, restrictive, and monotonous (I did too), but the most helpful piece of advice I can offer you is to focus on what you can ADD to your diet and lifestyle, rather than what you have to subtract. That is why I created 6 amazing, delicious, and easy-to-digest smoothies for you to try! I am a firm believer you can eat your fruits and veggies and they can taste like ice cream too.

Feel free to make any substitutions as you wish! All of them would be great with whatever low FODMAP nut/seed milk you wish to use. You can also check out my favorite low FODMAP protein powders on my Amazon Page or in this blog post.

Also, some of my favorite low FODMAP smoothie additions are:

  • papayas: when someone's intestinal tract is nervy from inflamed nerves caused by troublemakers all along the gut lining, papaya soothes those nerves, allowing the inflammation to reduce. This improves the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream to head up the liver. The red-pigment phytochemicals in papayas allow liver cells to become more agile and versatile so the liver can function at its best

  • carrots: a quick liver refueling source of glucose that's attached to minerals and vitamins. They're higher in antiseptic phytochemical compounds that inhibit the growth of unfriendly microorganisms.

  • cucumbers: allies to the liver due to their ability to hydrate it. Your liver's always in need of living water that's filled with minerals & other nutrients, because your liver keeps your blood hydrated. It relies on sources such as cucumbers for that living water. This minimizes dirty blood syndrome by helping reduce fats and toxins inside of dirty blood. Phytochemical compounds in cucumbers act as anti-inflammatories to the small intestines and colon. Make sure to peel cucumbers before using!

  • zucchini: very similar to cucumber in certain ways. as it is also helpful for liver hydration. Zucchini also have a mild liver-purging effect, allowing the liver to squeeze out poisonous troublemakers safely. It's also soothing to the intestinal tract walls and a beneficial gallbladder food.

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Mocha Frosty

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mocha Frosty