Let's Talk About Coffee Enemas

Ok ok ok I know what you are thinking, WHY put coffee in any place other than your mouth??? Trust me, I thought the same for a long while UNTIL I did my research. In June of 2020 I started having a lot of digestive issues, got diagnosed with IBS-C, and then months later diagnosed with SIBO/Candida/Parasites and gut dysbiosis. My stomach was truly a MESS for so long, it was miserable. In November, I decided to try my first colonic session, which is different from coffee enemas. Colonics are bit more intense and you can get them done by a professional. I think that was a little too much, for me, to start out with and I don’t think it’s the place to start on your healing journey, but I do think they can be beneficial once your drainage pathways are more open. ANYWAYS back to coffee enemas, after I got my breast implants out and worked on opening my drainage pathways for over a month, I was ready to do my first coffee enema. I bought the kit, was super excited, and then when it arrived, I was immediately nervous, and it sat in my bathroom closet for over a month before I got the courage to try it. But, TRUST ME, it is not as scary as it seems.

Who are coffee enemas for?

Honestly, I think everyone can benefit from coffee enemas. The average person may hold up to 10 POUNDS of non-eliminated waste in their large intestine often making your colon sluggish and inefficient leading to toxicity build up, weight gain, and a cascade of health problems. Constipation is so prevalent, but THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT NORMAL. Over the years of processed foods, chemicals, over consumption has created an encrusted build up in your colon walls allowing parasites and viruses aside. And while I do think everyone can benefit from them, I more so believe in them for those of us who are chronically ill. Especially if you are taking many supplements/medications that can cause herx reactions (die-off) because coffee enemas can immensely lessen those symptoms.

New Trend or Old History?

Contrary to popular belief, enemas have been around for A LONG TIME. It isn’t just some new fad that a wellness guru came up with to cleanse their body. Its been used since 1500 BC by Egyptian kings to maintain longevity and good health. It was practiced in ancient regions in Africa, Greece, India, China and by Native Americans. Around that time they were using water enemas, but during WWI coffee enemas came into the scene in Germany. Due to a morphine shortage, nurses began pouring leftover coffee into enema buckets, and the wounded soldiers reported pain relief! And then Dr. Max Gerson popularized coffee enemas in the 1950’s as a key part to treating CANCER.