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From Conventional to None to My New Favorite Naturally-Made Wine

Alright friends - let’s talk about it..ALCOHOL. When I was deep in my disorder I never thought that alcohol and I could coexist peacefully. I looked at wine and alcohol and only saw extra calories, bloating, and a day of restriction, so that if I did indulge, I had room. This was actually extremely disappointing because prior to my disorder I loved enjoying a glass of wine at night to wind down after a long day. After being recovered, I have been able to rekindle my love for wine, but not just any wine - ​Usual Wines. Wine has always been my drink of choice and I would like to acknowledge the evolution of my wine drinking habits over the years. When I started drinking wine in college, I’ll be honest the goal wasn't to find a clean and natural wine, it was to find whatever would get the job done. Over the years I stopped appreciating the cheapest & sweetest boxed wine I could find and started diving into the world of natural wines.

But did you know that in the US there are OVER 60 additives allowed by law to be used in winemaking? These additives can have adverse effects on our health, but no one stops to think about that as they are enjoying their glass at dinner or spending a night out with friends.

That is why I love ​Usual Winesand want to give you the lowdown on why it’s my most recent obsession.

The Truth About Conventional Wine

We all know that wine is made from grapes, but not every single bottle of them is naturally made. It’s common in wine producers to see that their wines have a beautiful color, pleasant smell, and good taste, which doesn't sound bad, right? But unfortunately this causes them to trade the health of their consumers and authenticity of their wines for profit and mass production.

Wine producers commonly use additives and methods such as acidification and enrichment to standardize their wines, and even use commercial yeast, instead of airborne yeasts, to make the fermentation of their wines more predictable.

It is also very common for companies to add sulfites and preservatives to their wine in order to kill unwanted bacteria and yeast in the winemaking process. Sulfites are also the main cause of hangovers. This is why natural wines, like ​Usual​, are a gold standard of mine because you will find that these wines are made in a way that have very little or no sulfites at all (basically guaranteeing you to be hangover free -- and who wouldn’t want that?!). Sulfites are actually naturally occurring in all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, and in grapes and wines, but the difference is that Usual Winesonly contains the naturally occurring sulfites and don’t ADD any at bottling.

Why I Love Usual Wines

Usual Winesisn’t reinventing the wheel when it comes to wine, they are simply making the whole process from producing to enjoying it as it should be. They source the tastiest grapes (from sustainable farms !!!), treat them right, and let them shine. All without added sugars, sulfites, pesticides, or corkscrews. Let me say it LOUDER for the people in the back:

  1. Usual Wineshas ZERO added sugar - yes you heard me right! And because I know someone will ask: “don’t grapes contain sugar?” Yes they do, but Usual Winesuses natural, sustainable grapes harvested every fall. They are picked at their optimal ripeness to ensure all sugar will be fermented completely until the wines are dry, with no residual sugar. All that is left over is delicious, clean wine! Unlike other wine producers who load on the sweeteners and even end the fermentation process early to keep a little sugar in the wine. *Cue a nasty headache the next morning*

  2. They are naturally made - Usual Winesuses sustainable farming practices on California-grown grapes and say no to all the funky additives you would find in a conventional wine. They say YES to grapes, water, and sunshine (as it should be) and say NO to added preservatives and sweeteners and NO to pesticides.

  3. They come in SINGLE-SERVE bottles (debatably my favorite part) - Their packaging ensures you get a fresh glass every single time and not to mention you look cute and bougie as heck drinking from it. This is huge for me because I’m so over recorked bottles and stale wine. With the Usual Winesbottles I can drink every last drop with freshness guaranteed. Also, let’s be real we are all here for the instagram pics and you and your girls could be looking cute af holding your bottle of Usual Roséon your next night out!

Want to Join my Usual Wines Obsession?

Whether you prefer Red, Rosé, or Brut (sparkling), ​Usual Wineshas you covered. Personally, I love enjoying the Rosé in the summer and saving the Red for the holidays, but no matter what time of the year it is, I’ll never turn down a glass of ​Usual Wines.And if you are anything like me and love them all, you could even try their Mixed Pack (10/10 recommend), which includes a mix of all 3! ● RedRoséBrutMixed Pack- perfect gift to yourself, friends, or family!


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