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77+ pages of pure mushroom magic.


This e-book is for those of you wanting to know more about psilocybin and microdosing or those of you wanting to get started working with this plant medicine or those of you who already microdose, but want a better way to track your progress. 


Psilocybin is known to help improve your mood, focus, creativity, productivity, increase your sense of connection with yourself, others, spirituality, and so much more.


Inside this e-book you will find:

  • a brief history
  • a breakdown of what microdosing is and what it is not
  • benefits/risks of microdosing
  • how to microdose 
  • where to source from
  • the science behind how it works
  • integration tips
  • intention setting tools
  • intention setting journal
  • microdosing day self assessment sheets
  • journal prompts to track your progress
  • and more!

The Shroom Journal: A Guide to Microdosing

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