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come join the FREE full moon circle & manifest like a magnetic woman masterclass part 2

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
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Service Description

On May 23rd we have the full moon in Sagittarius! Full moon's are always about releasing and shedding everything that's standing in the way of what we desire to do, be, and have. And rarely do we have a full moon that feels easy, light, adventurous...but guess what? this time we do! Under the Sagittarius Full Moon, we are likely to find it easier to welcome in an abundant mindset and feel optimistic about the future. Where we previously may have seen closed doors or roadblocks, this Full Moon shines a light, allowing us to see a new way forward. During this full moon circle we are getting IN THE BODY. In the last Manifest Like a Magnetic Woman masterclass we did a lot of talking through and learning the manifestation process...this time we are going to actively get in our bodies and EMBODY the manifestation process. In this full moon circle/masterclass: - We will talk about the energetics of this full moon and how to harness its magnetic energy - I'll share with you my 3 step BULLETPROOF, no BS Femme Manifestation Method and WHY it works (the FMM will have you manifesting like a magnetic woman in no time !!!!) - You'll get to experience a FREE reiki-infused somatic movement session to release repressed emotions, trauma, limiting beliefs, and stagnancy from the body AND a powerful breathwork practice that will help you clear ANYTHING standing in your way of calling in your deepest soul desires - Do a Q&A, have a dance party, and so much more!!!! You do not want to miss this full moon circle and part 2 of the manifest like a magnetic woman masterclass because I'VE NEVER DONE ANYTHING LIKE IT BEFORE... this is LESS about talking and MORE about experiencing, embodying, and BEING in the body THIS EXPERIENCE IS ABOUT RECONNECTING WITH THE TRUTH... THE TRUTH ABOUT MANIFESTATION. THE TRUTH ABOUT HEALING. THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE. You'll get to experience a free reiki infused somatic movement session AND a POWERFUL breathwork practice that will help you reset your intentions, get back on track with your vision, release what's holding you back, and manifest from an empowered and embodied me you don't want to miss this life-changing experience (and I use big words because I mean BIG words) The truth is the vision is already within know what your heart it's time to name it and claim it and become the version of yourself who can receive it with ease! HAPPENING: Thursday 5/23 at 6 pm (est)

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Cancellation Policy

No refunds -- this is a commitment to yourself and your healing! Rescheduling will need to be done at least 24 hours in advance. There will be a cancellation/no show fee, which is the full cost of the service, if you are unable to make your appointment without giving at least 24 hour prior notice. Menstrual policy: If Client has their bleed and cannot show up fully to the session it is ok to cancel same day and reschedule without penalty. If Coach has their bleed they also have the right to cancel and reschedule the same day without penalty. Please be on the look out in your email after booking to sign contract/waiver.

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