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a 4 week program that certifies + attunes students to become effective Reiki I & II practitioners

  • 2,222 US dollars

Service Description

If you want to heal yourself and others... Reiki may be able to make that dream a reality Reiki is about creating space in your life, in your mind, and in your body. Creating space opens up any stagnant, stuck energy in your system, in your physical body, home, and in your energetic field, so that you can be in flow with life. And how amazing is it that we can share this gift with others? We all have the power of healing within our hands. Most of us have just forgotten our innate power and our interconnection with the Divine. That's why the Reiki initiation is also a journey of remembrance. Remembrance of your divinity and a reclamation of your power- your intuition, your psychic senses and how to work with subtle energetics. Getting attuned by a Reiki Master is the key that enables us to access universal life energy easily and consistently. It clears your channel, making it wider, in a sense, so that you can draw in more healing energy for others and for yourself. This isn't another program. It's a shift in consciousness. It's a journey of self transformation and soul expansion + certification. In Reiki I you will learn: what Reiki is, about universal life force energy, the History of Reiki, how Reiki works, basics of the energy body, the major Chakras and associations, Reiki hand positions, Reiki healing techniques for self healing & healing others. You will have practice time allotted to insure you are proficient in all aspects of Reiki I Training. You will receive Level I attunement and symbol. In Reiki 2 you will learn: 2 additional reiki symbols and how to send Distance Healing, to send Reiki back in the time-space continuum to heal trauma from this lifetime and past life trauma. You will have practice time allotted to insure you are proficient in all aspects of Reiki II Training. What makes this course different: you will learn about intuition, which is your strongest "clair-", how to strengthen your intuition, and, most importantly, how to trust your intuition. You will have access to many exercises and guided meditations to help strengthen your practice. You will also go through multiple healing experiences to facilitate healing and to prepare you for the attunements. You will also have the opportunity to receive a reiki + breathwork session with me You will receive a Reiki I&II manual + Certificate of Completion NEXT GROUP STARTS: 10/24/23 TOTAL INVESTMENT: $2,222 payment plans available for remaining balance after $500 deposit

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Cancellation Policy

please send donations to: paypal: venmo: @nikki-jahnke-1 No refunds -- this is a commitment to yourself and your healing! Rescheduling will need to be done at least 24 hours in advance. There will be a cancellation/no show fee, which is the full cost of the service, if you are unable to make your appointment without giving at least 24 hour prior notice

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