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a 6 week Reiki Level I & II attunement + certification

This isn't another program. It's a shift in consciousness. It's a journey of self transformation and soul expansion. It's about becoming OPEN.


to say YES to a soul-led career? a heart-centered offering? and to becoming OPEN to yourself, others, & life? 


Some part of you knows you’re meant to be a healer, but you’re not quite sure what that looks like yet...

and you’re ready to take your healing deeper and reduce stress and anxiety now

You may be feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, disconnected from yourself and Source, and not quite sure what your purpose is (but you know you’re meant for MORE!).

You don't align with the 9-5 grind and need to work on your own schedule

You’re already a wellness professional, coach, or therapist who wants to make a bigger impact and reach more people

Or, there’s just a whisper in your heart calling you to take the next step… Calling you to follow your intuition and your “full-body YES”.

Are you going to be brave enough to follow it?

Are you going to OPEN yourself up to the possibility that maybe you are here and you found this offering for a reason?

You know it, too...
there's a calling within you.
a soft remembering.
an ancient awakening.
deep within your being
tugging you this way and pulling you that way...

and it led you here. It led you here because you are ready to follow this soul-led path and become the lightworker and healer you came on this Earth to be. You’re ready to help others heal in a meaningful and impactful way. You're ready to create radical change in their lives, but also your own.


If so, are you ready to become OPEN? Because I know you have what it takes to step into your purpose, into leadership, and into a career that will power your mission here and create massive positive change

By joining OPEN you do just that. You take the first step forward. You lead by example. When you say YES to you and you follow your inner nudges, you show others it's ok to do it, too.

When you learn these high teachings and receive these juicy transmissions you activate your powers. ignite your own inner medicine. and you come home to yourself like never before. 

When you learn how to use Reiki to heal yourself, you can confidently support others on their healing journeys too.

Reiki is about creating space in your life, in your mind, and in your body. Creating space OPENS up any stagnant, stuck energy in your system, in your physical body, and in your energetic field, so that you can be in flow with life.

Reiki OPENS you up.

OPENS your heart

OPENS your mind

OPENS your eyes

OPENS your energy centers

OPENS your channel

OPENS your soul

Reiki OPENS you up to the possibility of something new. something more. It OPENS you up to being ok with constant change and evolution. It OPENS you up to each now moment, the only moment that actually exists. Becoming OPEN is what heals us and sets us free.

It's more than a course, it's a lifestyle.

It's more than a program, it's an embodiment.

It's more than a certification, it's a journey of self transformation and soul expansion. it's a journey towards becoming


When you join OPEN & take part in this program, you will:

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You will learn what Reiki is, about universal life force energy, the history of Reiki, how Reiki works, basics of the energy body, the major Chakras and associations, Reiki hand positions, Reiki healing techniques for self healing & healing others, Intuition and how to strengthen and trust yours. You will have practice time allotted to insure you are proficient in all aspects of Reiki I Training. You will receive Level I attunement and symbol



Looking for like-minded people to connect with? This collective is a great way to find your people. feeling disconnected, lonely, isolated, separate takes a massive toll on our mind, body, and soul. So, this is no just a place to transform yourself but also one to build your community. to find your tribe. to find the people that just "get you." the people that make you feel alive. light you up. and make you feel like you belong. and here's the thing: those people are looking for you, too. And it's also an added bonus you get to make friends that you can practice on and with (hehehe)




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You will learn how to send Distance Healing, how to send Reiki back in the time-space continuum to heal trauma from this lifetime and past life trauma, more healing tools and techniques like cord cutting, chakra balancing, etc.; how to conduct a session, You will have practice time allotted to insure you are proficient in all aspects of Reiki II Training. You will receive Level II attunement and symbols

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your Authentic Self isn't someone you have to become, you already are them. you just have to REMEMBER. this version of you already lives within you, they are just buried underneath woundings, trauma, blockages, rigid nervous system's, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. How we reconnect to our Authentic Self is by becoming OPEN. Reiki creates space and, in creating space, the energy OPENS up any stagnant, stuck energy in your system and in your physical body. It releases the layers you keep wrapped around you that act like armor. that act like masks. that hide your truest, most Authentic Self. In this program, we get to remove those layers and after the program that's what you'll get to do with your clients

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My students go through their own healing journey first, master embodiment and experience true transformation, so that they can come home to themselves, own their truth, and finally live a life that lights them up. My intention with this course is to help my students OPEN up to their infinite potential and innate healing powers through Reiki and cultivating the leader and healer within you.

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Let me guess? You have been feeling anything but abundant. Maybe the word even invokes you to feel some type of way. It seems so far out of reach. But, guess what? It's not as far out of reach as you think. It’s possible to make a positive difference in people’s lives, do work that lights you up, AND make a lot of money at the same time. And when I say abundance, I don't just mean money. I mean abundant in joy, health, travel, friendships, everything. It is a natural side effect of raising your vibration. And when you agree to work with Reiki energy, you agree to work with a heart-opening healing modality. When the heart OPENS, our life OPENS, expands, and propels forward in ways we could have never imagined.

Are you ready to follow the calling in your soul and serve the world in the way that powers your mission + purpose here on this planet?

What Makes OPEN: Reiki I & II Certification Program Different?


Nikki Jahnke

Hi! I am Nikki. I am an RN, BSN, certified holistic health coach, podcast host, small business owner, breathwork facilitator and a sought after USUI/HOLY FIRE Reiki Master

When You Join You Will Get Access To

Reiki I & II Manual

You will receive a free copy of Reiki The Healing Touch manual. This will be sent to you via where you will create a free account and then be able to access a digital download or if you prefer it will be sent to you as a hardcopy. This manual contains everything you need to know, including symbols, hand placements, tools & techniques, how to use Reiki, etc. My information and teachings are not straight from this manual, this serves as an adjunct.

Exclusive Members Only Telegram Channel

Once you purchase the program you will be entered into the exclusive telegram community. You will have 24/7 access to the community and I. I will also be sending out daily prompts, inspiring words, thought-provoking questions, etc. during the course of the 6 weeks. You will also have access to this community even after we finish the 6 weeks.

Reiki I & II Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of OPEN you will receive a certificate of completion showing you have received the necessary attunements and instruction for the Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki I&II class
and that you have demonstrated comprehension of the knowledge and skill necessary to give hands-on and
distant healing sessions through the use of Reiki energy for First and Second Degree Reiki

Welcome Call

We will have an initial welcome call before we get started. This call will allow you to meet everyone in the community, ask questions, share your concerns, and get to know one another. I will also be speaking on what you can expect over the next 6 weeks, we will go over basic housekeeping things for the program, and will end by sharing some inspiring + encouraging words to kick off our journey!!

Live Weekly Group Zoom Calls

The dates for the weekly calls will be decided once we have the official group. These calls will be live educational trainings. This course is interactive and incorporates exercises, guided meditations, and healing experiences. You will also have the opportunity to witness and be witnessed. Ask questions. Laugh. Heal, grow, and learn from each other, and practice healings on each other.

1:1 Healing Sessions with Me

As I said, your healing is the first priority in OPEN. We will be doing group healings throughout the course and in our live calls, but you will also have 6 Reiki + Breathwork healing sessions with me (one a week) or to schedule at your own time. Here we have the opportunity to work together 1:1 to move through any blocks/limiting beliefs you have that are holding you back and gain clarity over any of the course material

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the refund policy? This is a commitment to yourself and with that being said, there are no refunds. By purchasing and choosing to be apart of this program/group, you are choosing to support yourself. commit to yourself. and honor the commitment you made to yourself. I cannot guarantee any sort of outcome because you get out of this experience what you put into it.

I have tried microdosing before without noticeable results, what makes this program different? The Living In Your Light program highlights the fact that the microdosing/mushrooms in and of themselves are not a magic bullet. That you simultanesouly have to do some inner work while you take the plant medicine. The benefit of the inner work piece is that we will be doing it together. You will also have two 1:1 check-in's and reiki healing sessions with me where you can share your questions, concerns, feelings and we can remove blocks from your energy. This program also includes The Shroom Journal: A Guide to Microdosing E-book/Workbook that has everything you need to know about microdosing and also journal prompts, self-assessment sheets, integration tips and more that we will use to guide you on your journey, but also help you to get the benefits you are looking for. This is also a community-based program meaning you will be held accountable to the commitments you make towards yourself and be supported by like-minded souls the whole way through it.



Our next group starts: JANUARY 22nd

Enrollment Beings: JANUARY 15TH

DEPOSIT REQUIRED: $500 deposit required. the balance will then be paid via a payment plan or in full

Enrollment Ends: JANUARY 21ST

WAITLIST: now open for January 2024


When will the weekly calls be held? What if I can't make the meeting?

Once you join, you will be immediately entered into the group telegram community and once we have the whole group. We will coordinate schedules (days/times) that work for everyone. If you cannot make the live calls, all of them will be recorded and sent to you or you can schedule a 1:1 make up call with me

If are doing also 1:1 healing sessions with you, does that mean we meet two times per week?

Yes and no. It's up to you how you want to schedule your sessions! I do recommend scheduling one a week during the 6 weeks. The 6 live calls we have will all be around 1 - 2 hours and the 1:1 healing sessions with me will be around an hour and a half. If doing both in the week doesn't work for your schedule, you can continue to finish your healing sessions with me up to a month after the 6 weeks. After a month, if your sessions aren't complete, they will expire.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! Everyone will save their seat with the $500 deposit (that is non-refundable). And then the balance can be paid via a payment plan. You will simply tell Nikki how you would like to pay, either: 2 payments, 3 payments, or 4 payments. And then you will be put on a payment plan program with specific dates the payments are due. You will not receive your certificate until you have finished your payment plan.

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