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Daily Jots & Morning Pages

I started jots and morning pages as a way to empty my mind. To release free thought without necessarily having an order. A rhythm. A reason. I don't judge them, I just let them pour out of me like it's second nature because when it's done this way, they are far more genuine, perfect, and well-rounded than anything you have to force to come out. Real jots and morning pages should be effortless, have depth, and a distinction that leaves a part of you on this world that nobody else can replicate. They are yours and yours alone.


Jots are a way to collect thoughts. They differ from morning pages because you don’t need to write actual pages. They are just snippets of ideas, thoughts, moments, memories. I like to record my jots throughout my day in the Notes section of my phone or I speak them into my voice memos. They are purely free thought. They can come from something you heard on TV or the radio or your closest friend. They can even come from a reflection of your day yesterday. What happened? Big or small things. Analyze it. Can you learn something from it? Maybe it was a conversation you had with someone that made you realize something about them or people in general. Maybe it was the sunrise reminding you every day is a chance to start fresh. Maybe it was a song that took you back to another time and to a memory you will forever cherish. Maybe it was a conversation you heard being exchanged between people. Analyze whatever it was that stood out to you the day before and extract lessons to be learned from it. An example of some of my favorite jots I complied:

  • Quit letting who you were talk you out of who you’re becoming

  • You don’t have to control your thoughts, you just have to stop letting them control you (read that again)

  • Mirrors are just glass (and you are way more than that)

  • From California: It's nice to know you can be out here all on your own and be ok. Here or in life, really. It's a good feeling.

  • People generally see what they look for and hear what they listen for (this is on THEM not you)

  • Play love songs from the 50’s at night, when your bedroom window is open and you have a view of the moon (something about this feels real good)

  • How you FEEL isn't who you ARE

  • Life isn't about half doing. You cannot half love, half accept, or half live. Its about giving everything you have. Don't grow old and look back and see you did the bare minimum (I think you owe yourself more than that)

  • Even if you are not feeling it today, tell yourself: I am beautiful. I am worthy. I am loved. I am going to be ok. I got this. (Do it, it helps)

My Instagram (@its_nicolettemarie) has many more examples too.

Morning Pages:

Morning pages are a practice that I have implemented into my everyday routine. Inspired by Julia Cameron in her book, “The Artist’s Way,” I started writing 3 pages every morning. It is unique because it’s a way to write from a stream of consciousness. In other words, you write the first things that come to your mind, without analyzing or filtering. There is no right or wrong way to do morning pages. The goal is to set aside logic, play, and see what arises. You will be surprised what spills out of you. As you write, you’re practicing self-acceptance and tapping into your intuition. I started morning pages because I was sick of living life aloof. I wanted to be intentional, present, and connected with my deepest self. Morning pages aren’t just a way to spit out words, they: inspire greater clarity, creativity, and productivity. They help you sift through negativity and connect to your inner truth. Provide space for you to connect with your authentic voice (including the fears and doubts that hold you back). And much, much more.

Creating this morning ritual can be very healing, grounding, and inspiring. It requires openness and trusting the process. But you will find very soon just how powerful it is. My biggest advice is to avoid censoring yourself, overthinking, or editing. Simply write. And let it be.

If you’re stuck on what to start writing about I will provide some inspiration:

  • Record your dreams: your memory of dreams is strongest when you first wake up

  • Focus on gratitude: write down a list of 10 things you’re grateful for. Remind yourself what’s going well in your life to positively set yourself up for the day ahead

  • Ask yourself what does your SOUL need today

  • Ask: How do I want to feel at the end of the day today? What will I need to do to accomplish that?

  • Write a narrative on a new empowered self. How does your life look, sound, and feel? Write about your life in present tense as if you’ve fully reached your goals and are living your new story.

I have been consistently writing morning pages for over 3 months now. Every single morning I wake up, go on a morning walk, and come home and write my pages. I found that each day as I wrote the words from my head, I was becoming awakened to the person I was always meant to be. It brought me so much clarity and purpose to the point where I was able to move my nursing career to part time, enroll in Nutrition School to become a certified holistic health coach, identify what was triggering my anxiety, and build my 6 month program to help women recover from years of disordered eating and habits around food, their bodies, and exercise.

If you are ready to take your journaling practice to the next level and dive deep into who you are and your purpose here in life, then give daily jots and morning pages a try. What do you have to lose? I would love to see, read, and hear about your experience if you do try - so be sure to tag me on instagram, leave me a comment, or send me a message! Happy jotting!



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