Daily Jots & Morning Pages

I started jots and morning pages as a way to empty my mind. To release free thought without necessarily having an order. A rhythm. A reason. I don't judge them, I just let them pour out of me like it's second nature because when it's done this way, they are far more genuine, perfect, and well-rounded than anything you have to force to come out. Real jots and morning pages should be effortless, have depth, and a distinction that leaves a part of you on this world that nobody else can replicate. They are yours and yours alone.


Jots are a way to collect thoughts. They differ from morning pages because you don’t need to write actual pages. They are just snippets of ideas, thoughts, moments, memories. I like to record my jots throughout my day in the Notes section of my phone or I speak them into my voice memos. They are purely free thought. They can come from something you heard on TV or the radio or your closest friend. They can even come from a reflection of your day yesterday. What happened? Big or small things. Analyze it. Can you learn something from it? Maybe it was a conversation you had with someone that made you realize something about them or people in general. Maybe it was the sunrise reminding you every day is a chance to start fresh. Maybe it was a song that took you back to another time and to a memory you will forever cherish. Maybe it was a conversation you heard being exchanged between people. Analyze whatever it was that stood out to you the day before and extract lessons to be learned from it. An example of some of my favorite jots I complied:

  • Quit letting who you were talk you out of who you’re becoming

  • You don’t have to control your thoughts, you just have to stop letting them control you (read that again)

  • Mirrors are just glass (and you are way more than that)

  • From California: It's nice to know you can be out here all on your own and be ok. Here or in life, really. It's a good feeling.